Wednesday, 22 May 2013

One active weekend

Hi everyone,

How was your weekend?

I wanted to share with you my active weekend. I decided to stick away from the drinks and just have a relaxing weekend, my last relaxing weekend in Sydney. I was really proud of myself though, as I did a lot of exercise over the weekend.


On Saturday I went for a 17km walk/journey around Sydney, including a walk through Centennial Park, I went to learn how to meditate at my Yoga Studio, walked to Paddington Markets and then walked home. It didn't feel like that long, I really enjoyed it.

I then went out for a Morrocan meal and a movie with a friend from work. The restaurant wasn't fantastic, we waited 1 and a half hours for our meal and it didn't come. As we were going to the movie afterwards we eventually said that we had to leave and nicely enough they apologised and gave us our meal in take away containers, which we enjoyed very much in the movies (and probably annoyed others with the delicious smells). The movie we watched was The Place Beyond The Pines featuring the fantastic Ryan Gosling. It was seriously an amazing movie, I advise that you go and watch it for sure!

Centennial Park - so beautiful
A beautiful view on Oxford St in Paddington. This is of an art gallery.
The fantastic clutter and people of Paddington Markets

The delicious food of Paddington Markets.

Moore Park - a bit of artwork.

After my long walk I treated myself to a chicken, avocado, brie and spinach roll and a home made smoothie made of almond milk, banana and organic cashew butter.


On Sunday I got up and had a light morning snack, pumpernickel bread with organic cashew spread (obsessed), banana and a cup of tea. I shoved on my workout gear and did the Coogee to Bondi run, which is about 7km. I was surprised how I went actually, I got there in just over 45 minutes. I met up with a lovely friend, Natalie, and we had a nice brunch on a lovely sunny day at the Gelato Bar in Bondi.

After I ran my butt home, and actually made it back in under 45 minutes. My housemates and I then put together a picnic and headed to Centennial Park to watch our two male housemates play soccer. Lucky they won - it was freezing. Then headed out to dinner and drinks for a bit of celebration.
Yummy pre-breakfast snack.
The beautiful view of Bondi Beach and the baths.
At the soccer

Not bad for a weekend hey, how was yours?
SQUIB xoxo


  1. Wow, busy active weekend. Glad you enjoyed your weekend. You went to some places you hadnt been to before.

  2. I LOVE Paddington markets :) That shot of Bondi beach is just amazing. xxx

  3. Loving the pictures of Paddington markets! They look like a bit of me ;-)
    Whats up with that restaurant! How hard is it to make a meal in under 90 minutes!!?

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.